Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Watch out Google

Christopher Dawson of ZDNet writes a nice article about Superfish visual search technology.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Superfish Lands $4M in Series C

We are happy to announce that we've just secured another round of funding from our existing investors. Here's the Venture Beat article.

More good stuff to come!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Window Shopper Passes 100K on Mozilla

We at Superfish are happy to report that our Window Shopper add-on has over 100,000 downloads on Mozilla. Our friends at Mozilla were kind enough to Feature our add-on (thank you) and now every day, people by the thousands are experiencing the magic of Window Shopper. Not only can they use it to find deals on practically any product, but they're also using it to discover visually similar items while they shop.

And don't worry, international shoppers. We'll be extending Window Shopper into more countries soon.

Window Shopper is also available for Internet Explorer.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Superfish Partners with Fashionable Media

We've recently partnered with Fashionable Media to distribute a private-labeled Window Shopper add-on. Now readers of Fashionable Media properties such as www.thefashionablehousewife.com or www.thefashionablegal.com can download the Fashionable Deal Finder.

Although it is branded for the Fashionable Media audience, the Deal Finder operates just like Window Shopper, allowing users to find deals and see similar items on almost any product in hundreds of stores. Here it is in action showing results on Macys.com.

For Fashionable Media, they are now able to offer a money-saving tool for their readers while also earning a revenue share on any purchases their readers make using the Deal Finder. For Superfish, we are able to leverage the passion of Fashionable Media's loyal audience.

If you're interested in having a private-labeled Window Shopper app built for you, just contact us at info@superfish.com. If we build one for you, it's better than free: we'll pay you!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New Window Shopper Interface

This week, we launched some modifications to our Window Shopper interface. For you heavy users out there, you may have noticed the changes on Monday.

Most of the changes involved simplification. Looking at user behavior and what they clicked on, we decided to eliminate the tabs and to have identical price comparison products as the default display.

You can see here, for example, the default display when searching for this Bullova watch. Window Shopper shows prices and stores where you can find this exact watch.

And now, when you hover over one of the cards, you can easily click over to the merchant, share the product with friends, or explore more search options.

Of course, if we can't find a deal for the item you're looking for, we will display visually similar alternatives. If you're looking for some earrings for a Mother's Day gift, Window Shopper will show you some visually similar items, as you can see in this example below.

So let us know how you like these changes, or if you even noticed them. :-)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Window Shopper now working on Google, Bing, and Yahoo!

Many people start their shopping on a search engine. Type in a product name and the search engine will often show a few pictures of the item you're looking for. Now with Window Shopper, we'll mark those images with our See Similar icon and so you're only one click away from finding a deal.

I'm in the market for getting a new driver to improve my golf game. Doing a search for "Callaway Diablo driver" on Google presents an image result. With one click of the Window Shopper icon, I can now compare prices for this item.

On Bing, you do need to go to the Shopping tab but the results are equally useful. In fact, Window Shopper found deals for that club less than Bing's lowest price.

And on Yahoo Shopping, Window Shopper also delivered.

Window Shopper works only on product images on these search engines. Let us know what you think!

Friday, March 12, 2010

More stores and categories covered

Our Window Shopper Add-on now covers many more categories beyond just fashion products. We also added coverage on many large online retailers including Best Buy, Overstock.com, Target and Walmart.

At Superfish, we look closely at the behavior of our Window Shopper users. One of the things we noticed was that they were using our tool on a lot more product categories than just fashion items. In fact, over half of the clicks we saw were in non-fashion categories such as electronics, home and garden, and sporting goods. Fortunately, our algorithms and systems are suited to handle visual similarity beyond just fashion products. In these instances, the price comparison functionality becomes paramount. You can see it in action today.

Here is a screen shot of Window Shopper finding deals on Walmart. You may think Walmart always has the best prices but with Window Shopper, you see that three other retailers actually offer this bike for a lower price.

Here's a screen shot of Window Shopper working on Target.com. In this case, Target does indeed have the best price but if you're willing to buy a similar-looking product, you can save almost $20 by going to Amazon.

We will continue to add stores and categories moving forward. If there's a category or store you want included, send us a note at feedback@superfish.com.