Friday, March 12, 2010

More stores and categories covered

Our Window Shopper Add-on now covers many more categories beyond just fashion products. We also added coverage on many large online retailers including Best Buy,, Target and Walmart.

At Superfish, we look closely at the behavior of our Window Shopper users. One of the things we noticed was that they were using our tool on a lot more product categories than just fashion items. In fact, over half of the clicks we saw were in non-fashion categories such as electronics, home and garden, and sporting goods. Fortunately, our algorithms and systems are suited to handle visual similarity beyond just fashion products. In these instances, the price comparison functionality becomes paramount. You can see it in action today.

Here is a screen shot of Window Shopper finding deals on Walmart. You may think Walmart always has the best prices but with Window Shopper, you see that three other retailers actually offer this bike for a lower price.

Here's a screen shot of Window Shopper working on In this case, Target does indeed have the best price but if you're willing to buy a similar-looking product, you can save almost $20 by going to Amazon.

We will continue to add stores and categories moving forward. If there's a category or store you want included, send us a note at


  1. This is a really cool technology. How does a retailer become part of superfish?

    I want my cowboy boots to come up in superfish when somebody searches for them.


  2. It isn't clear what WindowShopper is. Is it ecommerce software for small businesses? Is it something anyone can purchase?

  3. The new categories which have been added have made the shopping experience much better. Thanks guys! tippmann

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